domingo, julho 10, 2005

Eu ainda sou do tempo

Em que MTV era um canal de música.



Anonymous Anónimo said...

No The Observer, há umas semanas atrás:

Liam Gallagher, apparently, was a huge fan of Spinal Tap. But he thought they were a real band. He was horrified to discover the same actors performing as A Mighty Wind at Carnegie Hall a few years back and, when Noel Gallagher told him the bad news, shouted "I'm not 'avin' that", and stormed off. And has never watched the film again.

2:56 da tarde  
Anonymous bjm said...

MTV2, meu caro... MTV2!

10:12 da tarde  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Com muita pena, já nem me lembro do tempo em que a MTV era uma canal de música!

2:35 da tarde  

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