terça-feira, julho 19, 2005

Armas de destruição massiva

"(...) It's the mass of the sound. And the fact that they never tried to balance the different elements - everyone just plays as loud as they like. If the drummer wants to be heard, he has to hit the drums harder, or the guitarist can bring in some more amps. Recently I've noticed in soundchecks that everyone tries to adjust the sound so it can accommodate the quitest sounds. The moment you try to do that the music dies. You need to go the other way , to accommodate the loudest sounds. Of course volume has an effect on the mind and on the ears. Playing something too loud is like an accident, but music needs to encompass the accidental and by trying to project or reduce the accidental to the minimum you just kill the music. (...)"*

*Keiji Haino (figura chave do white noise japonês), sobre os Blue Cheer, no último número da Wire. Os Blue Cheer foram aquilo que na época (transição 60s/70s) se chamou de um power trio. Muito melhor que os Cream e quase tão bom como a Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Quem quiser conhecer as origens do metal e do punk, deve passar por aqui. ENP