sábado, janeiro 29, 2005

Bocados da vida de Iggy Pop

I first saw them on Raw Power tour, upstairs at Max’s Kansas City. That was the show where he was wearing the one-legged pair of pants, his genitals in the one leg that was intact and round the other side there was nothing but a belt. That was the most frightening concert I’ve ever been in. I thought I was going to see somebody kill themselves on stage. He was taking oxygen or nitrous oxide between songs and going absolutely berserk. At one point he reached up and grabbed hold of the stage lights and you know how fucking hot those things are. But he hung there for at least 20 seconds. I mean, you can’t touch them for even a second without burning yourself. He was scary as hell. I walked out of that concert and I was practically walking on air, I was so relieved that everybody was alive and safe and the thing was over. It was truly frightening. He couldn’t have kept playing like that. He wouldn’t be alive now. He was just willing to throw it all away.*

Dos tempos em que ainda não era o avô do punk.

* Glenn Jones (Cul de Sac) à WIRE de Janeiro