quinta-feira, outubro 28, 2004

"Brucie dreams life's a highway"

Simplesmente a melhor música do mundo desta semana. PAS

Not for all the love in the world

You show your age
When you drown your rage
But I see past those laughter lines.
Baby let’s split tonight
I’ve got a tank full of gas to light
We could drive for miles & miles
But you just said:

Not for all the love in the world
Not for all the love in the world
But she didn’t realize
Now that’s a lot of love

Pipe dreams fade
And all the underdogs get laid
Left your heart in the hands of a juggling clown

And so you crave recognition
But the keys to the city went missing
People aren’t puzzles to be figured out

I guess that everybody went to a better party

Not for all the love in the world, The Thrills.


Blogger Ponto said...

Nem imaginas como, nem imaginas como.

10:04 da tarde  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

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